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Getting Social!

Cycling is all about getting social! We love to ride in groups, and we love to chat about our rides and discuss our battle scars. Join us on Google+ &  Facebook and share your awesome cycling experiences. It can only make us all wiser and happier.   You should never have to ride alone. Period. End of story.

No really. That’s all. You shouldn’t.


Cycling Events

We are the St. George Utah Cycling Community. If it comes with two wheels and is powered by brute human strength, we will ride it.
We will be putting together some really fun calendar events in the community and also sharing other events and races that we know about. Think of this as your cycling event hub for what is happening in the area.


Community Calendar

Check out the St. George community ride calendar and hop on any…or all of the group rides!  Whether you are a seasoned pro, or a first timer, you will find a place, riding with the group. Join us each week as we tackle some of the best road climbs in the area, and you will see, it’s always more fun to ride in a group.

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