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Tri States Gran Fondo

If you’re looking for a great fall century, all you need to do is drive down the road to Mesquite for the Tri States Gran Fondo – the only century where you can ride in three states in one day! Starting in Nevada, you’ll ride the Arizona side of Utah Hill, do a loop through Gunluck and Veyo and return through Ivins and back and over Utah Hill to finish with the 27-mile descent to Mesquite. Petit Fondo also offered which goes from Mesquite to the top of Utah Hill and back. Details at: and


Tour of Southern Utah

There are still a couple spots left on the Planet Ultra Tour of Southern Utah. This is an amazing week-long cycling adventure, starting in St. George. It’s basically the same route as the HOODOO 500 race (except the Tour goes through Zion to Carmel Junction), but riding the entire route in full daylight, in 7 days instead of 48 hours. 60-100 miles per day with a TON of climbing!

Single Track Trail

Mountain Biking | St. George Utah

The trails for mountain biking in St. George are innumerable. Not typically known as a mountain biking mecca, (A name often rewarded to areas like Moab) St. George is starting to get recognized as one of the best places to ride in all of Utah, or even the country.

We are looking to expand our “mountain biking” section of Life Behind Bars. If you are willing to assist in locating climbs/routes and lead mountain bike group rides, please contact us and let us know you are willing!