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Team Booyah!

This weekend is a great cycling event- Salt to Saint.  A 400+ mile ride from Salt Lake city to St. George Utah. This year we are proud to have a Team Booyah! out there supporting the cause for the Braydon Nielsen family!

You can follow them with live tracking and cheer them on at the finish line on Saturday morning/afternoon at the park toward the end of Bluff st. and Diagonal. 


Interbike day one pictures

Booyah Album

Time Trials | St. George Utah


Time Trial Workouts return on September 3rd at 7pm.  Plan to be there by 6:45p to be given a starting position!  If you haven’t had a chance to join us for this workout……….YOU HAVE TO!  It is more than awesome!
This workout is you against the clock.  No drafting allowed (unless we mix it up).  Three different distance options from 6 miles to 14 miles.  There is something for all level of riders.  The biggest bonus……..THERE IS HARDLY ANY WIND IN THE FALL!  (Unless, of course, Mother Nature just heard me and is going to unleash her wrath once again……I say, “Bring it on!”)

Let me know if you have questions.  Please distribute the flyer to all your biking buddies.  Our biggest group last year was 23 riders…….I KNOW we can get more out there!

Watchman 100

The Watchman 100 Century Ride starts in Zion National Park – Springdale Ut.   You will travel through Sand Hollow State Park and view the majestic scenery of Zion National Park along the course. There will be few century rides you experience in life that amass this sort of beauty…and pain.

• Event is capped at 1500 riders so register early
• Fully stocked rest stops, a great lunch, and more!
• Enjoy perfect fall riding temperatures in scenic St. George Utah area.
• A distance to challenge every rider with 50, 75, 100 mile options
• You will receive a unique Watchman 100 event visor with your registration.

Visit Spingeeks to register, or for more info about the event.

Tri States Gran Fondo

If you’re looking for a great fall century, all you need to do is drive down the road to Mesquite for the Tri States Gran Fondo – the only century where you can ride in three states in one day! Starting in Nevada, you’ll ride the Arizona side of Utah Hill, do a loop through Gunluck and Veyo and return through Ivins and back and over Utah Hill to finish with the 27-mile descent to Mesquite. Petit Fondo also offered which goes from Mesquite to the top of Utah Hill and back. Details at: and